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I recently started looking at everything in my room, and wanted to make some updates and changes that would last and be timeless. For awhile I didn’t have bedside tables, I eventually can across some great ones on Wayfair Canada . The faux marble top and gold base (which I’m now changing to mid century modern ones with drawers), it went well with my dresser and mid century modern desk. I then had to start the process of looking for a rug, desk chair and a new bed.

The bed I currently have is about 10 years old from IKEA and is one of their classics, don’t get me wrong it’s been a great bed but it was time for an update and change. Not only do I want the bed to be upholstered, it needs to have enough space underneath for storage, no footboard and the head-bored need to be rounded and slightly winged but inwards. I found a Canadian Company Candice & Basil who have already made furniture but they have a custom option as well, which I plan to use.

I love the shape of this bed, the head board is rounded which makes it softer and it slightly folds inward. I also love the legs and this will fit the theme of the mid century modern vibe I’m going for. (image from Structube: KYOTO bed)

The colour is the only thing that I want to be a warm neutral with texture, on of the selections from Candice & Basil is called Yates 84 Birch (see image). I sent my inspiration images to them and size requirements to get a quote, which is estimated to be around $2,650 for the bed frame (this is also final sale). For a custom bed frame made from solid wood and in Canada is a great price as the bed will last forever. I truly believe that investing is well made furniture is the best option as it will last a lifetime.

I then decided to update my bedside tables as the ones I currently have don’t have drawers and I realize that I didn’t think of that when I purchased my currents ones, but the I found a great one on Amazon and it is reasonably priced at $173.95 CAD (each).

Nathan James 32702 Harper Mid-Century Side Table, Two-Drawer Nightstand, White/Brown

I had recently switched up my desk and found this amazing one on Wayfair Canada (see image), solid wood legs and two deep drawers, plus it was smaller which gave me more room. If you don’t know my desk is in my bedroom and acts as my makeup area as well so having storage was important, I wanted to to be tidy and slightly minimal.

Xochitl Desk

The only part of this that I have found challenging (other than saving for my bed frame) is find a rug that I really like, one that will look good later down the line and possibly be moved elsewhere if needed. I stared look on and found some really beautiful ones and they are priced pretty well. Because of the dimensions of my room I will have to get a 5 x 7 which will sit under the front legs of my bed. Below are some of the rugs I found and the one I think I will go with, Monaco which is a neutral beige and cream rug with a vintage motif printed that I love (last image)

Let me know that you think of the choices I’ve made to update my bedroom, my style has truly changed since turning 32, I want it to be sophisticated but still fun which sometimes can be a hard balance to find especially for someone like me who likes to keep things the same which can lead to it becoming boring and that is something we don’ want.

– Britt