First Impressions,  Hair Care,  Review


I heard about Gisou when I discovered Negin Mirsalehi, I saw this women with stunning healthy hair and wondered how it looked that way. I followed her in Instagram and then Youtube where she spoke about the brand she had created with the us of the families bee garden. She also spoke about the fact that it’s her mom who has been taking care of her hair and made products from the honey they had when she was growing up.

I decided to order from Gisou after reading and seeing the amazing reviews of everyone who used it. I bought the honey infused hair oil along with the infused hair mask, when I received the package (in 3 days!!) I was so excited to get home and open it. The way it’s presented makes it feel even more luxurious and it’s beautiful. I thought the idea of having a book included with amazing photography and stories is a great personal touch.

The hair oil retails for $84USD for 3.4FL oz the hair mask $60USD, they are on the more luxury side but I find both completely worth it. The oil is thick (just like honey) it absorbs quickly but leaves that hair feeling soft and hydrated; the hair mask is thick as well but once worked through the hair, left on for a few minutes and then rinsed your hair feels like silk. It one of the best hair masks I have used on my curly hair.

Let me know if any of you have tried Gisou or are thinking about it.


– Britt