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Good Molecules

I was fortunate enough to receive PR from the brand Good Molecules. When they contacted me, I first thought that it wasn’t real and had to double check who emailed me, after verifying I replied and was sent some of their top selling products.

On the Good Molecules website the statement listed on their about section reads:

”The world has enough products that don’t work and cost to much” rings true right?

They are making affordable skincare that works with good ingredients, not harmful to the environment or animals. The site has many favourable reviews and they even have pictures of customers to support the reviews that are left, which I think is definitely a plus being able to see the array of people who have used the products and how it has helped them with their skincare journey. A pleasant surprise was finding that 90% of Good Molecules products are made in South Korea (I’m really into K-beauty so this is s bonus), they have their own labs and work directly with those who create the packaging which simplified the manufacturing process.

Let’s get into the products that I received:

Discolouration Correcting Serum $12 USD: This serum helps treat the appearance of skin discolouration, uneven skin tone, age spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

The serum is lightweight and smells amazing, with no fragrance added and has a ph 5.5.

Nicinamide Brightening Toner $14 USD: This toner helps to not only brighten the skin, but reduce the appearance of pores (helps clean them out) and it’s soothing so your skin won’t feel stripped or tight. The ph is 6.2 and honestly this makes me skin feel fresh and I’ve noticed some smaller dark spots have started to fade.

Silicone Free Priming Moisturizer $12 USD: I wasn’t sure about this until I tried it for a few days. This was hydrating and moisturizing without being heavy or sticky on the skin, it sinks it and leaves a nice base for make up. It plumps up the skin and helps protect the skin from environmental damage.

Clarify & Cleanse Bar $5 USD I love this bar, it washes away impurities from the face and body without stripping it the way traditional soap would, it also helps treat bacne (which if you have been following me for awhile would know I suffer with this). It has a ph of 5.5 to 6.5 helps to detoxify and soothe the skin all at once.

All of these products have been added into my daily and nightly routines and I must say I’m impressed and will definitely be buying these before they run out, the price point is great and reminds me of some other very known affordable brands.

The stand outs for me are the toner and brighting serum, I have seen results within the first two weeks of using them, and I can only imagine how much better it will become with consistent use.

Have you tried anything from Good Molecules? Or maybe now you will, let me know in the comments below 🙂