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When life knocks you down, get up and hit it back

It’s amazing how something can change in an instant, one moment you may have everything and then the next everything come crashing down around you. It makes you wonder. Or you know the other shoe is about to drop, but you just don’t know when, you try to prepare yourself so you won’t be as surprised, hurt or angry. Instead you have disappointment but it doesn’t stop you, you push till you get something better – or you create something that you love. These moments happen to all of us, and sometimes they happen often or they are far apart, but they still happen.

Not to long ago I posted NOT YOUR HOUSE NIGGA (ER) and it was a post about POC/WOC and how they are treated in the workplace as inferior, not as intelligent and they should be grateful they have a job. I also discussed a lack of understanding (and willingness) from those who work along side us, and also how it is easy for them (dem) to turn a blind eye. The irony of that post is very real now. I will admit that I was very happy to see the response the previous post received, I also saw that others had the same issue and were able to come out on top with even better outcomes for themselves because they chose to stand up and “hit” back. I loved that. It gave me hope that it can’t all be bad and it won’t always be like this, currently that may be my reality but it won’t stay that way forever. The worst thing about this whole experience is feeling as if there isn’t anything you can do, and somehow you have failed. I know that I haven’t actually failed, I’m just having a set back that I will bounce back from.

If I can give any advice, keep going, don’t just stop because you feel as if you don’t have power, you do. Believe in yourself and what you know you are capable of, it’s only a matter of time when all the hard work and perseverance pays off. No one controls your story, only you do.