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Hi Guys,

Skincare and beauty are so important all year round, so I thought I would share some of my personal favourites. I personally have oily skin but hydration is very important regardless of skin type, I find that once you are able to find the right products it makes the biggest difference.


I have been using the same skincare for awhile and I definitely noticed a difference in my skin, and the new products I’ve been using have been helping with my recent breakout of exzema which has not been easy to deal with.


Youth to the people


These two have been game changers for me, youth to the people is a green smoothie for the face, it’s refreshing and washes away makeup, imputes and doesn’t strip the skin. This can be used in any skin type.

My second favourite is the Biossance oil cleanser, I read reviews and then started to see a few bloggers use the face cleanser. I was a little nervous but once inside it. I knew it was amazing! It breaks up my toughest eye make up and foundation but washed it away with ease, my face feels hydrated and not stripped and it has a nice bounce.



This toner is just amazing. I saw it on Sephora but never thought about using it till I saw Mary (Youtube: TheAnothergirlslife) use it and rave about it; afterwards I bought it fell in love and now I’m on my third bottle (limited edition size this time) and I can’t get enough. It gives my skin radiance and exfoliation that is gentle enough to use everyday with out irritation, it also has Sephora clean seal.


The Ordinary

The Buffet

This serum is a great base to start with, it’s light weight but gives the skin a bit of moisture and its multi peptide serum, because it is thin it sinks in quickly but leaves a velvety finish; not sticky or tacky at all. 

Drunk Elephant 


One of my favourite hydration serums that does what it says, it’s a cool drink of water for your face even if you’re oily it will help balance that out by giving you the hydration that you need without creating more oil. And of course if you’re dry it will work wonders.  I love that this can be mixed with serums to help “lock in” all the moisture it provides. 


Truth Serum

I’m pretty sure everyone had heard about this serum and how great it is. It’s collagen boosted with their True-C Complex, so it helps firm and brighten the skin. Love that. Its light weight and skinks into the skin beautifully, my skin looks radiant which makes my bare skin look great plus my makeup looks good too. 

Eye Cream:

Banana Bright Eye cream 

Another classic cult beauty favourite, it is yellow tinted which helps brighten underneath the eye it plumps so you look refreshed and awake, and of course preps it for makeup.  



Ultra Facial Cream 

This cream is great to slather all over your face if you’re feeling a bit parched, layered with an oil or even worn in the day (yes I’m oily and love it). It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling, but it does help make my primer stick a bit better.


Nutri Moisture Lotion 

I’ve been using this brand since I was a little kid and the one item I love for day time hydration is the moisturizer, it’s light weight almost like a gel cream and works great in the summer. 



This is a tricky one and I would suggest reading all labels and following the directions on the bottles, I would even ask a dermatologist just in case.

Drunk Elephant – A Passioni Retinol Cream

A good retinol is something I think everyone should have, it helps with fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots and can help improve dryness, this one is greta mixed with B-Hydra as it recommends. 

Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum

If you looking for an alternative to retinol, look no further then Biossance, it is made from “bakuchiol, a plant-derived retinol alternative that offers retinol-like benefits—minus the irritation or sensitivity.


Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

I’ve been using this for over 2 months and I love this, it is so soothing and not harsh on the skin. It leaves you with smooth, supple skin that can then be layered with serums and of course the other cult favourite Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, which I also love- it now comes in a travel size!


Everyone has a preference but the one thing that everyone should be doing it wearing a sunscreen everyday, even when it’s cloudy. I really like the one from Kiehls Super Fluid Daily UV Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+,

Last but not least lips, I have two brands that I love one being Laneige the Lip Sleeping mask is just amazing and I always wake up with the softest lips (I have dry lips) and of course my Canadian darling BITE Beauty, they recently reformulated their lip balm, lip scrub and released Agave+ Nighttime Lip Therapy. I would look into the whole collection.

Hope you all enjoyed this, if you try anything let me know. And if you know of any other skin brands that I may be interested let em know in the comments below. 

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– Britt