Hey Lovelies,

This update was supposed to be a best of 2017 which was going to include fashion favourites and beauty. Instead it’s a life update. I lost my job, I went to work and was told that I didn’t have one anymore. I won’t go into details as to what happen but all I can say is that my life is different now.

I’ve always heard that when a door closes a window opens, I hope that this statement is true. I’m already working on looking for a new job but I’m also focusing on my blog as its my outlet and how I connect with all of you.

I didn’t think that my year would start off this way, but I’m not letting it stop me or bring me down.  I will admit I was very upset and overwhelmed when I was told the news, but I’m very lucky that I have a support system that is there for me.

How has your new year been? Is there anything that you have achieved or had an experience that changed your outlook? I would love to know, leave a comment below.