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Hello Everyone,

I posted a few days ago that I was waiting for my Wen hair care kit… Well it came a day later after I posted. I was really excited to try it, but I had already washed my hair :(. Now that my hair is dirty (not really dirty) I’m going to  wash it and see how my hair reacts to it and how it styles etc…

Wen Hair Care Kit includes

1. Cleansing Conditioner 12oz (350ml)
2. Restorative Spray 2oz (60ml)
3. Re Moist hair treatment 2oz (56grms)

Cleansing Conditioner: This was interesting to say the least, the texture is thick and creamy, it feels like a normal conditioner going into the hair. Once you add more water to it, it gets a very light lather but it still feels creamy as you run it in. I noticed that as you rub it into your scalp it kind of tingles, which I believe is from the peppermint. The directions say to “rinse and repeat”, so I did. After the second wash I noticed something, my hair seemed softer and the curl of my hair seemed more curly. Does that make sense?

Re Moist hair treatment: This hair mask is thick and creamy as well, but it really “locks” onto the hair and stays put. The directions say to leave it on for 30-40 min for best results, it also states that it can be used for an over night treatment.

Restorative Spray: The spray is light and does not weigh the hair down, it helps with blow drying and getting any knots out. It also is a “leave in conditioning treatment”.

* NOTE * ALL OF THE PRODUCTS SMELL STRONGLY OF MINT. If you don’t like that then I would say try and find the other scents it comes in like lavender.

The first thing that I noticed when I was washing my hair was my scalp tingled, it was refreshing and made me feel like it was really cleaning my scalp and stimulating it. It was strange that I was washing my hair with a conditioner but it did have a light lather once you added a little water.
My hair right now is short, not boy short but close to it (a cropped cut). So I didn’t need the 10-15 pumps that it suggested, the first wash I used 6 pumps and on the second I used 4 pumps. After rinsing my air out I did see that my hair felt soft and the curl of my hair seemed more defined ( I do not wear my hair curly because its to short, I wear it straight most of the time).  Then I used the re-moist mask. The only issue I had was how long I had to leave it in 30-40 min is suggested, I just wanted to put it in and leaving for 5-10min; but since this is a review I followed the directions. It didn’t notice any change to my hair, it didn’t feel any different.To be honest it felt dry.The restorative spray smells nice, but once again I did not notice any difference, I prefer my Ojon mist.
I styled my hair and noticed that it wasn’t as soft as it normally is but its did have a little bit more body. The cleansing conditioner was good but it left my hair a little dry when I first used it. By the second and third wash I had started to use a deep conditioning mask afterwards, and that made my hair soft.

Over all I only liked the cleaning conditioner, the mask and spray made my hair dry and I was not happy with that.

P.S My sister had also used WEN and it was the same for her, her hair has be relaxed for years and is now in the process of growing out the relaxer in her hair. She brought me two more products from the WEN line to try: 1. Styling Creme & 2. Texture Balm.

The styling creme looks like a gel and I really didn’t like it, it seemed to make my hair sticky and harder to blow dry. The texture balm is okay but I will not be using either of them again.

These are the pictures of my hair:

When it was wet after washing
AFTER- Blow-dryed and straight
The back of my head

I didn’t really see a difference, but you guys might. Let me know.